Residential Courses:

Higham Hall Bassenthwaite Cumbria - throughout the year. Contact Higham Hall tel. 01768776276for brochure. 

I also run Masterclasses at The Bowes Museum Co Durham exploring painting techniques from the museum's collection or based on current exhibitions.  To book these courses please contact The Bowes directly.

Programme: Bowes Museum Masterclasses 2017

March 20  (Monday) Corot’s Trees - oils

 Corot spans the Napoleonic era which saw painting transiting from neo-Classicism to a new realism influenced in part by the work of Constable and the Barbizon painters of Paris. Corot’s trees are unmistakable in execution and colouring and are a valuable influence to any landscape painter in oils. Please bring with you any reproductions of Corot’s paintings of trees, some photographs of landscape with trees, and your oil painting equipment.

April 24 (Monday) Early Watercolours Landscapes- watercolour with line.

A look at the methods of early watercolour painting in the eighteenth century. Using some of the methods the subject matter will be landscape. Please bring with you watercolours, a piece of Not surface watercolour paper and in addition a piece of smooth watercolour paper (hot pressed) or a stretched piece of heavyweight cartridge paper. Reference photographs of landscape will be required.

May 19 (Friday) Unusual Historical Picture Making – Black and White ink and watercolour

Come and create a painting using an early form of `Automatism` developed from Leonardo de Vinci and promoted by the artist Alexander Cozens (1717 – 1786) This is an exciting and imaginative method of picture making using black and white. The result can the basis for a later painting in colour. Please bring with you a tube of black or Paynes grey watercolour brushes and watercolour paper and a drawing pen (size 0.5) or a dipping pen and Indian ink

June 12 (Monday) Colour themed paintings – watercolours or acrylics

Many of the best paintings have been those with a limited number of colours (for example Thomas Girtin only used five) It is also refreshing to explore new colour combinations. Please bring with you watercolours or acrylics equipment and any black and white photographs of landscapes.

Hamsterley Summer School 2017  -  July 3-7 2017 - Monday – Friday

This is the sixteenth year of summer painting in Hamsterley and I look forward to have you come and join me to paint here in the beautiful North Pennines with its farms, rolling fells and wooded valleys and the River Wear. Click HERE for a booking form.

July 14 (Friday)Line and wash illustration 

Working from a representational figure, Linda will help you develop successful a `character` suited to a child’s picture book. The figure may be human or animal. Please bring with you your watercolours. brushes and a 0.05 or 0.07 drawing pen (or a dip pen and Indian ink) Any photographs of animals or humans would be useful (although some will be supplied)

August 4 (Friday) Around the Bowes – Impressionist - plein air painting – oils or acrylics

Enjoy a day in or out of the Bowes Museum painting the setting of the museum in the style of Monet. Paint using the palette colours and tones the Impressionists used. Please bring with you your oils or acrylics, canvases (2) and an easel and stool.

September 15 (Friday)Tulip Fever – coloured inks or watercolour, tissue collage

To mark the `Turkish Tulip` exhibition the day will explore vibrant colour using the tulip as a subject to develop a tissue collage painting. Please bring some coloured inks (suggested: Yellow Red, Blue and Black)or watercolours,  glue, brushes, white paper tissue scissors and two  pieces of white card (A3) or two stretched pieces of cartridge paper and any pictures of tulips.

 October 23 (Monday) Still Life in pastel 

Many of The Bowes pictures are of still life. Still life will be provided, please bring your pastels and two different coloured surfaces to work on and an easel.

November 17 (Friday) Gentle Abstract – in coloured pencil (Vault)

Adapting a chosen painting from The Bowes collection there will be the opportunity to develop colour and shape into an abstract work. Please bring with you your coloured pencils, an A3 Heavyweight cartridge pad (or coloured pencil paper, i.e. `Stonehenge`) a sketchbook and 2B pencil and an ipad if you have one.

December 8 (Friday) Doll’s House diptych – watercolour or acrylic (Vault)

As a follow on from last year’s successful triptych day the theme of a door and an  interior behind it is a chance to work in miniature with rich colour in watercolours or acrylic. You are free to choose what lies behind the door! Please bring with you your watercolours or acrylics, gold and blackpens, glue, scissors, a craft knife and a sheet of white mount card.

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